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Our strength is in our leadership and in our membership. We look forward to having you join and participate in the Old Caln Historical Society.




Membership Options:

  • To bring together all residents and friends interested in the history of Caln Township and the surrounding area.

  • To stimulate and maintain interest in the history of the area and its historical structures.

  • To educate with regard to our history and, therefore, promote the social welfare of the community.

  • To collect and preserve historical information including printed materials, documents and various other artifacts related to the history of the area.

  • To disseminate historical information for the educational betterment and enlightenment of the residents and friends of the area.




per individual per year


per business per year


per family per year


per person for Life membership



Please mail your name, address, and a check payable to the to Old Caln Historical Society to:


Old Caln Historical Society

P.O. Box 72428

Thorndale, PA 19372-1046

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