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In 1716 the Caln Preparative Meeting was set up, and a log Meeting House was built. Tradition indicates that it was located in the valley on John Mendenhall's land in today's village of Thorndale, and was known at that time as the Calne Meeting. In 1726 a new site on land owned by Richard Pike on "top of ye mountain" was selected and approved by a committee for building.  The Meeting House was situated in a grove of trees along the North side of the King's Provincial Road, of Lancaster Road, which today is called the King's Highway. This two room building was further enlarged in 1801 to accommodate the new Quarterly Meeting of Caln.  One third of the Old Caln Meeting House is used as a museum to house the archives, artifacts and other historical memorabilia which has been collected by the Society during recent years. 


Shortly after a fire in the 1970's damaged the Old Caln Meeting House located on King's Highway in Caln Township, a group concerned with bringing together all those interested in the history of the Caln area decided to form the Old Caln Historical Society. While interest in the Old Caln Meeting House prompted the beginning of the Old Caln Historical Society, many other points of historical interest in the area have come to be researched. Replicas of twelve historical properties in Caln Township have been completed and offered to the public.    

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